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Why choose an online wedding?


Our online ceremony is the same one we use when officiating weddings at venues and covers the same five elements necessary for a marriage to be legal:

  • Minister authorized to perform a marriage.
  • The couple has a valid marriage license.
  • Statement of intent and desire to marry (vows), made in front of witnesses and minister.
  • Pronouncement of marriage.
  • Completed marriage license returned for recording.

The only difference is performing the ceremony and observing the signatures online rather than in person.


Always Forever “Weddings Made Easy” services start at $225.00 + taxes.


You now have an option where you can become married from the comforts of home or anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Flexible Schedule

Traditionally weddings are performed on weekends but now there’s an option that will fit your schedules.

20-Minute Service

Please don’t mistake that “Weddings Made Easy” means weddings made simple or plain. Our service is condensed to highlight and preserve your special day.

What you need:

  • Marriage License issued from the county you’ll be getting married in.
  • Internet Connection
  • Skype – If you don’t already have Skype go to and download the free app.
  • PayPal – If you don’t already have PayPal go to, select a personal account, and download the free app.

How it works:

  • Email Always Forever at or call (406) 356-6620
  • Review Terms of Service
  • Choose your time and date and we’ll confirm availability and notify you via email. Also, provide the county on your marriage license.
  • Lock in your time and date with deposit/payment through PayPal. (Payment will be “on hold” until service is performed).
  • Send a copy of the marriage license and state-issued photo ID to AlwaysForever prior to your special day.
  • AlwaysForever will schedule a Skype call prior to the service to ensure proper connections.
  • Service is performed online via Skype and the marriage license is signed by the bride, groom, and witnesses and observed by performing ordained minister.
  • The original license is mailed to AlwaysForever for the ordained minister who performed your ceremony to sign and return.
  • Original, signed marriage license filed at the county agency who issued the original license.

About Always Forever

Since becoming ordained in 2004 I’ve had the privilege of officiating very large weddings and very small intimate weddings. Selecting your type of wedding is a personal choice and it’s been my experience that there’s no wrong choice.

One common theme I noticed was the stress that builds up during the course of coordinating the couple’s special day. The cost involved in months of:

  • Planning
  • Securing a venue
  • Renting tuxedos and dresses

adds to the stress leading up to the service.

Countless times I’ve heard “Let’s get the service over, the license signed and then we can start to relax”.

I noticed there weren’t any “Weddings Made Easy” options and decided to launch our Always Forever online wedding service to fill the void.

Our AlwaysForever mission statement is “Do Everything in Love” 1 Corinthians 16:14. My belief is that “No humanities are more tender, and no other vows more sacred than the vows of matrimony”.

The power of Love I’ve seen in the eyes of the bride and groom during the ceremony is pure, unconditional and real.

Learn more about Always Forever’s “Weddings Made Easy” here.